Establishment of the A.E.W.Q.

The Association des Éleveurs de Wapitis du Québec was founded in Spring 1998:

  • To bring members together and to promote purebred wapiti breeding,
  • To defend economic, social and ethical values of its members,
  • To represent its members on issues regarding our profession,
  • To promote excellence.

Québec Wapiti History

It was at Cap St-Ignace that the last survivor of my species was killed in the wild. It happened between 1830 and 1840! But this did not stop me because like the mythical Phoenix who rose from the ashes with renewed youth, I am back and I am doing well on the twenty farms.

I am proud, majestic, and I have a haughty look. Native people called me WAPITI after my white rump. I belong to the Cervus Elaphus Canadensis species, which is the second largest cervidae in America, after the moose. I am an ungulate and a ruminant. A male of my species may reach a weight of 1100 lbs and a female may weigh up to 700 lbs.

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